2005-2006 KAWASAKI ZX-6R / ZX-6RR


Note: Use this guide in conjunction with the instructions received with your SH-U01 harness kit.



1.  You'll need an SH with Universal harness kit for this bike.

2.  Remove the seat, the black side panels, then raise and support the fuel tank.


3.  Disconnect the Speed Sensor connector. It is located on top of the gear box, about two inches inboard from the counter sprocket.




4.  Cut the Yellow wire (middle lead in the connector) about 2 inches (5 cm) away from the connector, then strip off approx. 0.4" (1 cm) insulation from both wire ends.


5.  Strip off approx. 0.4" (1 cm) insulation from the other two wires. Try to do this without cutting the conductor of these wires.


6.  Splice the SH harness as follows, with the quick connectors supplied.


Wire color of SH harness Wire color of Speed Sensor connector






Black with Yellow stripe

Yellow towards the connector

Yellow towards the main harness




7.  Mount the SH box under the passenger's seat with the supplied Velcro strips.


8.  Route the SH harness along the frame to the location of the box, then plug-in the 4p harness connector.


9.  Test the SH functions as per the the supplied install instructions.



Brent A, USA