2004-2005 Yamaha YZF-R1


Note: Use this guide in conjunction with the instructions received with your SH-Y01 harness kit.



1.  Remove the seats. Rear seat removes with the key. The front seat is removed by lifting up the rear pad to get at the allen head bolts on either side.
Once the bolts are removed, lift the rear of the seat up and it will come loose.




2.  Now you can remove the plastic panels from the bottom sides of the tank. They are held on with phillips head screws.




3.  Once the screws are out (they might be very tight) pull the rear end away from the frame and back towards the rear. There are tabs at the front and middle.




4.  Three bolts hold the tank down. One on each side and one near the steering head. Remove all three, but take care not to lose the spacers.




5.  Tilt the tank back and hold it up with something about the size of a coffee can.




6.  Find the wiring harness on the right side of the bike. It is a white, three wire connector near the frame, behind the engine, under the tank.
Disconnect it and connect the SpeedoHealer harness into it. This pic shows the harness with the SpeedoHealer harness pugged in.




7.  Route the wires under the tank, in between the battery and subframe. There is a rubber shield that I was able to get the wires through/under, so that they follow the stock wires through that location. Be sure to leave enough slack under the tank so the wires don't interfere with the fuel lines or tank positioning.




8.  This is a top view of the wire routing. I put the SpeedoHealer wires all the way through this area to the trunk.




10. Lastly I mounted the control box to the 'X' brace in the tail, with the supplied velcro. If mounted this way there are no clearance issues with the lock mechanism or seat. Plus you can still get at it easily for adjustments.




11. Test the SH functions as per the the supplied install instructions.


12. Use the on-line calculator to generate the programming instructions.



Vigor Mortis @ R1-forum.com